Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Gluten free brownies at Richmond Artisan Market

The trouble with many shop bought gluten free cakes is that they are tasteless and dry, almost like crumbled dry biscuits. Imagine my delight to discover wheat and gluten free brownies at Richmond Artisan Market(Duck Ponds Market) on Sunday which are moist, flavoursome and well, incredibly chocolaty! Jill Anderson, who makes them, is wheat and gluten free herself and so she adapted this special recipe. The brownies can be frozen, so I bought four for £5 – but I’m sure they will be eaten before they reach the freezer! Jill says you can also serve them warm – a few seconds in the microwave.
You can find Jill and her brownies at Richmond FarmersMarket every Saturday and at Duck Ponds Market (where I found her) every Sunday. She also supplies these delicious brownies to several local cafes in Richmond such as TideTables, Hollyhocks and The Tea Box.
I did suggest she should enter them for next year’s FreeFrom Awards.

At the Esher Odeon to see the new James Bond Skyfall movie, I fancied a tub of popcorn so I asked whether it contained gluten (I am gluten free) or dairy (my husband is dairy free) and they read out the ingredients – great news – no wheat gluten or dairy! So we indulged in popcorn, while enjoying the movie! Delicious! 

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